Kinfield Identity System (1)

Kinfield Identity System (2)

Hemp Worldwide Logo

Room 727 Gastropub, Designed at Ohioboy A&D

Akron Art Library, Designed at Ohioboy A & D

Backattack Snack Logo  Design (1)

Big Bet Productions Logo Package

Imagination Station Pattern Concept

Lake Eerie Volleyball Association Logo 

Live Dream Achieve Apparel Designs

Peretto's Landscaping Logo

Seattle Grilled Cheese Grand Prix, Designed at Ohioboy A&D

Benchfly Logo, Designed at Ohioboy A&D

The Pastimes Page Headers

The Pastimes Letterpress Embossed Business Card

Soda Sign, Designed at Ohioboy A & D

Jr. Fortnightly Music Club Cleveland | The Civic Center Commons 

Hand Lettered Logotype

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